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I'm Erica Aaron, owner and joyful light seeking gal behind the camera, capturing all the meaningful moments at E.Aaron Photography. 

Sunshine, laughter,  and deep conversations over coffee keep my heart full. I believe long days at the beach and breathing in it's salty air is good for the soul.  You generally won't see me without at least one of my two crazies or my hunky bearded man next to me but boy do I love that about my life because family is so important to me. My husband is my biggest cheerleader, soulmate, my person. We met in 2013 at a concert neither one of us cared to be at, more along for the ride kinda deal. He asked me to dance, exchange numbers then stood me up, yep stood me up.    My two babes. whew, keep me on me toes but my heart full.  I think they are finally embracing me being mom who makes her family stop everything anywhere at anytime to capture every moment.

Becoming a Lifestyle Photographer is a dream come true. You put a camera in my hand and I want to get close to people, not physically close, emotionally close, all of it.  I've had a passion for photography and art since I was a young girl.  Growing up with a dad who was an artist, hanging out in the garage with help always wanting to get my hands in there had me exploring my creativity.  It's so amazing knowing as soon as I'm behind the camera, with one click I am able to document special moments is the is the reason I'm so passionate about my career

I love really getting to know each client personally, talking and bringing out personalities during a session so it's shining in photos. My main purpose is to capture life's precious milestones to treasure that instant moment of emotions in a picture forever.  Weather it’s family tickle fights and snuggle fest, or the glow of a pregnant mama, or the pure excitement of a brand new baby. I capture those imperfect moments perfectly...

"If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument".... 

Because life's little moments are meant to be captured...

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There is one thing a  photograph should contain, the humanity of the moment